Monthly Archives: May 2005

Ten Ways We Can Lose Momentum

This week’s “Weekly Briefing by Pat Morley” included a list of ten ways a men’s ministry (or any ministry) can lose momentum. These are good things to keep in mind whether we are working to advance the Kingdom of Christ … Continue reading

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For the Health of the Nation

The National Association of Evangelicals issued a call for social action on issues that, while of great concern to many evangelicals, have been overshadowed in the public arena by hot-button topics like abortion and same-sex marriage. More attention must be … Continue reading

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Why men hate going to church

An interesting new book on the place of men in church has just been released. David Murrow is director of Church for Men, an organization “dedicated to restoring a healthy, life-giving, masculine spirit in the local church.” His book, Why … Continue reading

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