For the Health of the Nation

The National Association of Evangelicals issued a call for social action on issues that, while of great concern to many evangelicals, have been overshadowed in the public arena by hot-button topics like abortion and same-sex marriage. More attention must be paid to employment, labor, housing, health care, education, human rights, racial equality and the environment, it says. The NAE statement identifies seven areas of concern in which evangelicals should step up their social engagement:

  • We work to protect religious freedom and liberty of conscience.
  • We work to nurture family life and protect children.
  • We work to protect the sanctity of human life and to safeguard its nature.
  • We seek justice and compassion for the poor and vulnerable.
  • We work to protect human rights.
  • We seek peace and work to restrain violence.
  • We labor to protect God’s creation.

For more info see this Article. Download the NAE report “For the Health of the Nation” or view the NAE press release.

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