Ten Ways We Can Lose Momentum

This week’s “Weekly Briefing by Pat Morley” included a list of ten ways a men’s ministry (or any ministry) can lose momentum. These are good things to keep in mind whether we are working to advance the Kingdom of Christ or any organization or business. It never ceases to amaze me how much the wisdom from the Bible can be applied to our daily work life! How many of these apply to your area of ministry? It’s a good inventory to take.

Here are 10 ways a men’s ministry can lose momentum…
1. By growing an organization instead of growing the kingdom.
2. By outstripping our relationships and good will.
3. By failing to win over those pastors and leaders who are suspicious, reluctant, or skeptical, but cultivatable.
4. By failing to create value to customers and associates.
5. By developing institutional pride and exclusiveness (“We don’t need them”), which is arrogance.
6. By failing to include and honor faithful gospel workers upon whose foundation we build. Once they understand we have not appreciated their efforts, we will lose their good will.
7. By failing to understand that revivals have been short because there were no successful strategies to sustain momentum.
8. By making too many strategic changes of direction.
9. By forcing “hobby horses” onto center stage when they do not represent grass roots interest.
10. By remaining a church-based movement only while neglecting outreach into the community.

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