Faith@Work Bible Studies

Faith&Work Resources offers a variety of great workplace Bible studies to choose from, and January is a great time to start the year off with a small group bible study geared towards your workplace. Whether you want to start a study workgroup or you’re looking for something to do on your own, you can find a great Bible study here!

Are You A Biblical Worker?
Here’s a simple self-assessment tool that can help you discover where you are in your Biblical knowledge of applying faith in your workplace. You will be challenged to think through workplace situations that most of us face every day.  It includes 50 questions along with Biblical texts and case studies to support the answers. Great for small group Bible studies and individuals.

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30 Moments Christians Face in the Workplace
In Volume 1 of a 3-volume series, 30 Moments takes a look at 10 of the toughest issues Christians face at work.  Shunning easy answers, this thoughtful study leads you through in-depth discussions and provides a framework for applying your personal faith to the issues you face in your “real-world” workplace. To order this study click here.

TGIF Small Group Bible Study
This 12 week study is based on 12 devotionals from TGIF pertaining to your Calling in the workplace. The book is ideal for workplace groups that are just getting started, or for facilitators who want to try something new.To order this study click here:.

Faith & Work:  Do They Mix?
Whether you’re in an office, on a construction site, or at home, we all need to experience God in our work. This valuable resource brings the reader to a greater understanding of what God thinks about our work and how we can bring our faith along with us on Monday mornings.   To order this study click here

For a complete listing of all the Workplace Bible Studies has to offer click here!

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