Top 10 Issues Facing Today’s Family

fatherson2.jpgThe Internet strategies department of LifeWay, an entity of the Southern Baptist Convention, studied the Top 10 Issues Facing Today’s Family in an online research project. Their findings are as follows:

10. Materialism
9. Balance of work and family
8. Negative media influences
7. Lack of communication
6. Financial pressures
5. Lack of discipline
4. Absent father figure
3. Busyness
2. Divorce
1. Anti-Christian culture

The following response is reproduced from a weekly email:

Survey results released in 2006 identified the “Top 10 Issues Facing Families.” Included in the list are materialism, balancing work and family, the influence of media, financial pressures, busyness, and divorce. Number 4 on the list was the lack of father figures. The Internet Strategies Department of Lifeway, an entity of the Southern Baptist Convention, released the list after surveying more than 2,000 people around the country.

Few (if any) of these issues will come as surprises, although they do serve as a timely reminder of the vital role we fathers play in guiding and protecting our children in the face of some very real threats. We cannot afford to be complacent or assume our families will avoid the dangers. We must take action. While each of the issues has an impact on the role of fathers, three are especially relevant:

Busyness. Today’s families have so many opportunities to do worthwhile things that it’s easy for them to overschedule and forget about important habits and rituals that help keep families strong. It’s important to adopt a lifestyle that reflects endurance and long-term goals instead of giving in to the frantic pace that life can have if we aren’t careful.

Balancing Work and Family. It’s tragic when dads chase a career or a fictional “quality of life” but miss out on what’s most important—being there every day to watch their children grow up and develop, hear about their daily struggles and victories, and bond with them emotionally. This week’s featured resource will give you more practical help.

Lack of a Father Figure. Fathers and father figures play a vital role in the lives of children, and when they are absent or uninvolved, children and families face a whole list of negative outcomes. It’s up to us to be the fathers our children need, to be advocates for strong fathering in our communities, and to reach out to children who need a father figure.

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