Wake up Parents! Your children are failing…

A study released last week uncovers a trend that should be alarming to all parents: for the first time ever, today’s American kids are less likely than their parents to graduate high school. Among industrialized nations, the United States is the only country in which that is true. These results come from a new report released by The Education Trust, a nonprofit organization that advocates on the behalf of poor and minority children.

The report, “Counting on Graduation,” asserts that “policymakers in many states are setting graduation improvement targets that won’t get our young people—or our nation—ready to compete in the knowledge-driven world of the 21st century…. Thus far, most states have neglected to establish the high expectations for improving graduation rates that will prompt action.” See the press release from The Education Trust or download the full report.

What about Maryland? The report notes that Maryland’s expectations for improvement “are so low that it would take more than a millennium for the state’s African-American students to reach the graduation-rate goal if that group met the minimum improvement target each year.”

Maybe its not that our children are failing, but that our school system is failing us.

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