Evangelism with Style

Got Style book cover Based on his popular “Got Style?” workshops, pastor and evangelist Jeffrey Johnson’s new book “Got Style? Personality-based Evangelism” (ISBN 978-0-8170-1555-8, Judson Press) offers churches and individuals an understanding of evangelism based on the following six personality types:

1. Assertive
2. Analytical
3. Storytelling
4. Relational
5. Invitational
6. Incarnational

Johnson’s new book will come as a huge relief to those who have felt pressured into styles or systems of evangelism that did not match their personality, or who retreated from any sort of faith sharing because a particular and uncomfortable method was presented to them as ‘the only way’. Many would rather chew off their own ear than do door-to-door evangelism, for instance.

‘Got style?’ proposes that there are six very different methods of evangelism, based on six personality types. A simple self-assessment questionnaire enables you to find the one or two styles that especially match your personality. Johnson goes on to unpack each style, showing how it works and fits the way you think and communicate best. For each style, he explains its strength and weakness, gives biblical and contemporary case studies, and makes outreach suggestions.

Download the Got Style? PowerPoint presentation from Jeff’s webinar.

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