Making the Ten Commandments Relevant

Most people avoid attending church. Issues with God permeate our culture from all sectors. The reality is that hundreds of millions of people will continue living their lives content to never step inside a church again.

I AM is a movie intended to be a spiritual conversation starter, addressing and countering the bad experience that “religion” has left with so many. “I Am” is a compelling and intricately woven story that explores the consequences of ignoring the Ten Commandments and instead making up our own morality for life. Without preaching or didactic lessons, and with high production values and captivating characters, this movie illustrates why God’s commandments were intended for our benefit rather than to squelch our fun.

ONLY CHURCHES will be allowed to premiere this faith-based movie on their own campus in advance of the theater premier on 10/10/10. With a special opening message by author Lee Strobel, participating churches can show the film as an outreach event through the satellite-based Church Communication Network. This can create a powerful moment in your church that will generate conversation, excitement, outreach, and most importantly help us all better understand the heart of the great I AM, God Himself.

For a greater explanation of the heart behind the film, I AM, watch this video clip…

Empty Seat from Marcus Inc on Vimeo.

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