The World Needs You – Right Now!

Many people have become disillusioned with the church … this frustration is understandable, but needs to be addressed. The Bible is clear that the Church is God’s chosen tool for hope and change. To truly obey Scripture means to turn this disillusionment and frustration into a labor of love as we each look for ways to carry out the mission of the church.

When Christian are sent out into the real world, they are on mission. They have potential to impact the world around them for Christ. Some are sent out to impact board rooms and cubicles. Others are sent out to impact neighborhoods and PTA meetings. Still others are sent out to impact classrooms and locker room. Here are four projects you can get involved in right now to make a difference.

To illustrate this further, check out this video from the RightNow Campaign: Are You a Trader?

The RightNow Campaign can help you or your church group find a mission opportunity to make a difference.

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