Noah the Movie (Not the Russell Crowe version)

The story of Noah is much in the public view these days with the release of the Hollywood version staring Russel Crowe, which differs considerably from the biblical version. There is considerable evidence that the story of Noah is very ancient – versions exist in Sumerian and Assyrian legends. While these accounts differ considerably from the Biblical text, they demonstrate that the flood story was widely shared throughout the ancient world. Christians can debate about the extent of the flood (global or local), but we should not discount the historicity and veracity of the scripture account. Jesus believed in the Flood (Matt. 24:37–39), and so did Peter (1 Pet. 3:20) and the author of Hebrews (11:7)

But what does this mean to us now? Ray Comfort has produced a new documentary looking at the message of Noah in the Bible and how contemporary people view it. Check it out below – it’s only 30 minutes and you won’t be able to look away.

Warren Wirsbe in “With the Word” writes that the story of Noah tells us about God’s holiness as Judge of the world but also his loving grace towards those who trust God and obey His instructions:

  • The holiness of God: God saw a world of people who were inwardly corrupt, outwardly violent, and upwardly rebellious. Noah was the tenth generation from Adam. It didn’t take long for sin to spread in the human race. When the world is again as it was in Noah’s day, watch for the return of the Lord (Matt. 24:37–39).
  • The grace of God: Noah was saved just as any sinner is saved, by grace (Gen. 6:8), through faith (Heb. 11:7). See Eph. 2:8–9. He heard God’s Word, believed God’s promise of protection, and proved his faith by his works. There was only one way to be saved from destruction, and that was by entering the ark; and the ark had only one door. It is a picture of the salvation we have in Christ.”
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