Tokyo LIGHT Project – with Tomoko Sachs

Tomoko Sachs is the Director of City Renewal Ministry at Grace City Church, Tokyo. She is also the founder and Director of the LIGHT Project, a new Faith & Work ministry aimed at business & profession men & women in the world’s largest metropolitan area. The vision is to bring the light of Jesus Christ into Tokyo’s workplaces and thereby to all of Tokyo. Please come to hear Tomoko Sachs talk about the LIGHT project on Friday, August 25, 7-9 PM, at McLean Presbyterian Church.

Here is a video that describes her vision for the LIGHT Project:

Please come to hear Tomoko Sachs talk about the LIGHT project and how it is bringing the gospel to the workplace in Tokyo!

RSVP and further details are here:

Why Japan?

Tokyo crowds
Japan looks good on the surface. Japan is rich, has very few poor people, and low unemployment. There is 100% literacy, health care for virtually everyone, a lower infant mortality rate than the U.S., and the longest life-expectancy in the world by a good bit. Everything works. Japan is clean, and service is great.

Wow! They must be happy.

Wrong! Japan also has the highest suicide rate in the industrialized world. A recent government study found that one in five workers are at risk of working themselves to death. It’s such a big problem that Japan even has its own word for it: karoshi (death by overwork). “Zero-defect” thinking and pursuit of perfection may be great for building cars, but it is terrible for families and human relationships. Beneath the surface, Japan is hurting deeply.

Japan’s greatest need is the gospel of of Jesus Christ. Less than 1% of the Japanese people are Christian, making the Japanese the world’s 2nd largest unreached people group. We long for Him to be worshiped in this great nation where so few worship Him. So few have ever even heard the gospel because they’re too busy working and too tired to pay attention. Marketplace discipleship is a strategy to bridge this gap.

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